Thursday, September 19, 2013

The "What If" Scenario

I believe that knowledge is power.  And ever since my children were very young, I have talked to them about situations that could happen in life. I’ve always hoped that none of these “what if’s” would happen to them – but if they should, I’d want them to be as prepared as possible and know as much as they could, to help them stay alive or be safe.

I talk to my kids about things I see in the news. If I see a news story on a child that died from the choking game, I talk to them about it. If I see a story about a kidnapping and how a child could have escaped (or possibly did) I talk to them about it. Other scenario’s I’ve talked to my kids about are:

*What if…..there is an earthquake? What do you do – where do you go?

*What if….you’re at school and a kid walks into your room with a gun?

*What if….someone sends you a pornographic picture on your cell phone?

*What if….we’re in a car accident and I’m unconscious?

*What if….you’re riding your bike and someone tries to grab you?

*What if….you’re at a concert and a fire breaks out?

*What if….someone points a gun at you and tells you to come with them or they will shoot you?

These are just a small sampling of the kinds of “what if” scenario’s I’ve discussed with my kids. Sometimes they roll their eyes at me if we’ve already gone over something and I want to talk to them about it again. But I know that in time, you can forget things and I want their responses to be quick and instinctual if they ever have to be put in an emergency situation.

I pray that IF something should ever happen to my kids and I can’t be there to guide and direct them, that they will know how to think, not panic, and use what we’ve discussed to save not only their own lives – but possibly a few around them as well. And that’s worth every rolled eye I get.

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