Monday, September 9, 2013

Being a Christian Takes Heart AND Mind

I have a simple mind. I think in simple terms. Yes, I believe I’m a deep thinker at times. I ponder and reflect on things a lot. But I’m not an “intellectual” thinker. Even in my deepest moments, I think in simple terms. Basic.

I’ve always lived life by my heart. I’ve struggled with that somewhat because when it comes to the heart, that means it comes to feelings. And I’ve learned over time, that I need to pair what I feel so strongly in my heart, with knowledge. You can’t defend your faith merely on passion. On the other hand, I also have witnessed “intellectual” believers and think that they miss out on a tangible part of faith as well…the heart.

To me, believing in God comes greatly from the heart and soul – not the mind. I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but that’s what I think. The mind can rationalize what it takes in and process it – but it’s the heart that chooses. Maybe that’s why we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and not our minds!

I have seen how the mind is where I wage most of my battles in life. It’s with my mind, that my fears grow too powerful and it’s with my mind that I articulate how and what I want to say or convey to someone.  So the knowledge and power of the mind is very important.

I don’t think you can be a growing Christian with just one of these things. If you live simply by your feelings and heart – you need to know the knowledge of God and the Bible to give you that solid foundation and roots that you need to withstand the temptations, lures, and pulls of life. There are many religions, many beliefs. It’s easy to be swayed, confused, or twisted into thinking something is right when it’s not Biblical. Yet if you live simply by your intellect, you are missing out on one of the core principles of living life as a believer – the heart. Intellect alone won’t allow you to feel compassion, to empathize with another, to love greatly, or to show grace and mercy. Intellect doesn’t help you understand something from someone else’ s point of view. It’s simply knowledge – nothing more. The heart is what allows you to do something with that knowledge. Together, they are unstoppable. Unbeatable. Powerful.

It can be very stretching for a simple minded person (such as myself) to stretch themselves and dig into things that may be hard for their brains to grasp. But it’s good for us. It arms us for spiritual and physical battles that we can’t overcome on our own. 

It can be very stretching for an intellectual speaker and thinker to try and think simply. To use simple words – and basic principles. Yet it’s good for them. It grows their heart and soul, making them more approachable, warm, gentle…. And human. For no one likes someone who speaks above them all of the time.

God’s word is for ALL man. For all brain types. But applying what He asks of us – takes both the mind AND the heart. A slice of just one will never give us the kind of revelations in Him that we seek.

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