Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just "Be"

What is your calling?

Are you the person you are supposed to be?

Did you handle that right?

What is your next step?

Are you eating right?

Are you exercising enough?

Did you do your personal devotions this morning?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Did you say ‘thank you?’

Are you spending your time wisely?

Did you floss?

Did you take your vitamin?

Are you spending enough time with your spouse?

Did you say ‘I’m sorry?”

Oh so many questions.

Good questions. But put them all together, and they can be a bit overwhelming.

It’s too much.

WE, sometimes, are too much.  Our brains are on overload for trying to handle everything in life perfectly. We try to balance it all and wonder why we fall short so many times. Why we feel so tired. Why we can’t control our own lives and destiny..

It’s because – well – we can’t!

We were never meant to have all the answers. We aren’t meant to know how to do it all. And trying to wrap our brains around everything can cause us so much stress and anxiety.

We try to do too much and be too much. Instead of just trying to “be.”

Instead of just living life, we analyze life. Control it. Mold it to our own liking.

And it always slips through our fingers at some point.

What is so boring about simply living life normally? Happily? Daily as ourselves? What is so lacking about not having an agenda but existing in completeness where God has placed us?

We are killing ourselves from the inside out.

We all fall short sometimes. We all forget things. Neglect things. Postpone things. Dread things. Ignore things. And it’s okay. We are human.

Take the pressure off. Do your best. Aspire to be inspired. Seek motivation. But just “be.”

Be flawed. Be inadequate. Be clumsy. Be unpolished. Be real. Be human.


And find freedom.


Aleshea said...

I loved the last part. Stop and just BE. so right

Dionna said...

Thanks for stopping by, Aleshea!