Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do Happy Marriages Still Exist?

Do happy marriages still exist? And why are they happy? Is it because the couple has a sparkling chemistry between them or that they are financially on solid ground? Or is it something deeper? Something more meaningful?

Does a couple in a happy marriage never argue? Or do they argue often and just get past the obstacle together?

Does a couple in a happy marriage have no challenges to overcome? Or, are they happy and stronger because of the challenges they HAD to overcome together?

Everyone seeks the "secret" to a happy marriage. People wonder why some marriages not only survive, but thrive, while others seemed doomed from the start. Is it a spiritual common ground? Is it maturity? Is it simply commitment?

And could it be all of the above? Not all together at once - but at different times and in different doses?

There ARE still happy marriages. They DO still exist. Couples are committed to each other and are closing the door on discussions of abandoning that commitment. It may not seem that way or feel that way - but they are out there.

I love my husband. I am committed to my husband. Marriage hasn't always been easy or a fairytale, but it's beautiful and growing and ever-changing. Just as it should be.

Yours can be that way too.

Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club wrote a book about what makes a great marriage. You can grab a copy HERE.

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