Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm Looking The Other Way

My spiritual life gets “blah” sometimes. Let’s be honest – it doesn’t always feel “on fire” or full of miracles. Sometimes it’s ordinary.

It can be very easy to ignore a speaker when He tells a Bible story that you’ve heard already a hundred times. It can be too easy to think you know it all already and that there are no new truths to uncover from God’s Word.

It can be common to go about life and think of God as an afterthought. We are so quick to grab onto Him when we think we’re ill, hurting, or in a desperate state.  But when we go about our days on a normal scale, we fail to glance His way.

Life can be good. And when it is, we can too easily find ourselves looking away. Away from God, away from His Word, and away from His heart.

I don’t often “feel” God, because I forget to SEEK God. I don’t experience the supernatural, amazing, and miraculous, because I don’t spend time reading what He wants me to hear in the Bible, praying, and seeking out His heart.

I’m looking the other way.

I can look at anything. I can look at my amazing life, the people who surround me, an ambition I’m striving towards, beauty and image, or on the other end of the spectrum; I can spend time in woeful self-pity. Either way, my head is turned directly away from Him.

It’s no wonder I can’t feel Him.

I don’t want to look the other way. I don’t want to get distracted or too busy. I don’t want God to be an afterthought in my heart only when I’m in urgent need of His help and His hand on my life.

I want to be aware of Him, always. I want to see Him and feel Him.

I want to look His way and see Him looking back… mine.

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