Friday, February 14, 2014

I Don't Understand

Sometimes we think we’ve done everything right. We’ve sought out God in our decision first before taking a step, we said the right thing, and we felt like we were in the right place. It all just felt so “right.”

And the answer was “no.”  It was, “not now.” It was “not this one,” or “I have something else in mind for you.”

We are left feeling frustrated, discouraged, disheartend….confused.

Where did things go wrong? What should we, and could we, have done to change the outcome? Was it us? Was it them?

We don’t understand.

There are so many times like this in life. Everything felt so right and yet the outcome ended up all wrong. What do we do in those times? Where do we head when we thought we were on the right course?

I know several things that reassure me when I doubt myself in those instances.

I know that my God is ALWAYS faithful. So I have to trust Him. Even if I don’t understand.

I know that God is not the author of confusion. So if I feel confused, it’s not coming from Him. It’s coming from another source.

I know that God’s timing is always perfect. He is never late. So maybe I am early. Maybe I’m not quite crafted yet as He intended. But His timing is always perfect.

I know that God is FOR me. He is cheering and rooting me on. Therefore, He is on my side. As long as I am seeking His will and His heart, then I know I can’t go wrong no matter what the outcome is. He has my best interests in mind.

I know that God is a personal God. Therefore, I know that He sees every detail of what I’m going through. He knows my desires, my hurts, and my frustrations. He will not ignore me.

I know that God works all things together for His good. And I know that HE is good. He is love. He is just.

We may not understand why some things happen. Sometimes we look back, and we see in hindsight why things happened the way they did. Other times, we may never know. But we can trust in the One who loves us.

We may still hurt. We may still be disappointed, and that’s okay. That’s human. But we need to remember that God never lets us down. Even if we don’t see why He’s withholding something from us.

He sees. He knows. And He loves. He has the biggest heart there is. He will NOT drop us. He will NOT laugh at us. He’s working on our behalf. We just have to trust.

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