Friday, February 7, 2014

Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets!

I don't know about you, but as the mom of two teen girls, I'm constantly on the lookout for "girlie" gifts. Whether it's a little something for Valentine's Day, Easter, a friend's birthday, or their own birthday - I'm always on the hunt for cute stuff.

Jewelry, especially, is always a good way to go. No girl (or woman for that matter), can ever have too much jewelry.  That's why, I love the idea of a "bracelet club." If I find a birthday comes up at the last minute, I could easily give a gift subscription to Simply Bracelets "bracelet club." What it is, is you sign up for only $9.95 a month and each month, a bracelet is delivered to you in the mail. That's it. Suuuupperrr easy!

My girls never get much for them in the mail; wouldn't it be fun to give a girl the gift of a fun bracelet delivered to her each month in the mail? And $9.95 is a great, low price.  In fact, why not treat yourself? You could sign up and get yourself a free monthly gift!

Simply Bracelets sent me a gold bracelet this week. The little seahorse is so cute, yet elegant. It's a piece that you can choose to wear simply, and all by itself, or pair it up with other trendy bracelets.

I think the bracelet club is a great gift idea for any trendy young lady. It does the shopping for you, and it adds a little cheer into their day.

Please stop by my friends over at Simply Bracelets and have a look around. Consider getting your granddaughter, starving college student, teen daughter, or young mom-friend a bracelet-of-the-month gift. It would be a fun way to say "I love you."

Discloser: I was given a bracelet free for this post. But all comments and opinions are solely my own.

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