Friday, February 28, 2014

Sometimes You Have To Ignore the Advice

People love to give advice. Everyone is a ‘pro’ based on their own experiences at something.

When a young lady is pregnant for the first time, every mother in the world loves to shower her with advice. You “need” to do this, and you “ have” to do that.  Often, this poor young lady is overwhelmed and confused. Whose advice do you listen to? And when you actually try it…why doesn’t it work?

Children are individual. What works for one, obviously doesn’t always work for another.  You have to filter advice based on the advice-giver, and based on your temperament and your child’s temperament.

The same is true for advice on business matters, relationship matters, financial issues, shopping ideas…. you name it.

I’ve learned through trial and error that sometimes, as well meaning as people are, they are simply giving me wrong advice. It may not be a wrong method….but simply a wrong method FOR ME.

I cannot emotionally navigate some things like someone else can. I cannot invest the same amount of time, perhaps, that someone else can. My personality may be different, my goals may be different, and my unique delivery of “said” advice may simply just come out differently.

So, sometimes you need to ignore the advice from others. “This works for me” may simply be just that. It worked for them. And that’s fantastic! But it may not necessarily work for you.

You have to know yourself very well. Know your boundaries and limitations. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you want to get out of a situation and where you want to go with it. Know how much you want to invest – whether it’s personally, physically, or emotionally. KNOW.

Once you know these things, you will know when to file advice away, and when to use it to your advantage and blessing.

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