Monday, February 24, 2014

Find Where You Fit

For a long time, I was going through some internal struggling. I didn’t have the motivation I felt I should have had in my life and I felt like my gifts were being wasted. I felt like my days weren’t as emotionally satisfying to me as they could have been. I wasn’t being used in the “zone” where I felt most comfortable and at-home being just who God created me to be.

So I decided to do something about it.

Let me just tell you, that if you go to God and want to make more of your life – He WILL honor that. It just may take time. 

Sometimes God is preparing you for the place where He can use you best. Sometimes He’s preparing others for your arrival into their lives. Either way, HE is faithful and we need to trust Him and His timing. Even if it can seem frustrating at times.

My God WAS faithful. And I have seen new excitement and energy enter my life. I feel like someone who was walking through life in black and white and now suddenly it’s all color.

Surely everything isn’t going to be perfect when you “arrive” into that fresh new zone of “you.” There will be hurdles, setbacks, and disappointments just like anywhere else. But there will also be a newfound joy for life and for being yourself. There comes a new awareness of how you function best and where.

I look back and I don’t despair over any season of my life. Not anymore. Because I see how God is always working. Working on me and working for me.  And once you enter your new season and phase of satisfaction and joy, knowing you are right in the place where you should be…. that’s something pretty exhilarating.

We need to fight for ourselves. Not in a prideful way, but in a way that betters the world, for we aren’t good to anyone else if we aren’t functioning in the form that God intended us to. That’s different for everyone, but usually you know when things are just “off-kilter” in your life. You feel like a circle trying to live life in a square. It doesn’t fit. YOU don’t fit.

Find where you fit. Seek it out. Embrace it. Love being YOU in it.

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