Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nice and Toasty

When was the last time you relished in your life? The last time you felt warm inside because you were so happy?

I’m there now. I feel nice and toasty on the inside. There is a glow in my heart that has come from deep thankfulness for my life.

It’s not perfect. It has flaws. There are still future hurdles to cross. But I’m content in my “now.” I’m thankful.

It feels good to feel good. It’s been a long time. There were spurts, but they didn’t last.  The cold wind would always creep in and steel away the warmth that wanted to live inside my heart.

But it’s here again. I feel it.  I’m embracing it.

Sometimes it just takes a matter of perspective to see and know what you have in life. Sometimes it takes a change. Sometimes….sometimes, it’s choice. We each have the choice to see what is good and what is loveable in our lives.

There is so much to love about our lives. Do you see it? Are you aware of the good? Or does it pass by unnoticed?

Look for the beauty. Look for the good, the lovely, and the loveable. And you will find it. When you do, you too, can feel nice and toasty inside from knowing you are blessed and you have blessings.

You can feel. Happy.

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