Saturday, November 29, 2014

Keep Telling Them

Relationships are so tricky when they get tangled. Emotions get involved and feelings get hurt.  Things can feel so awkward inside of close friendships or family relationships where grievances have occurred.

The thing about being close to someone is that you can’t always be their “friend.” You can’t always say the nice thing they want to hear. Sometimes, you have to gently say the tough thing. The thing they don’t want to hear. The thing they don’t like you for saying. The thing that puts a wedge between you, where otherwise there was none.

But that is true love.

It is painful to know that someone you cherish is angry or hurt because of words or actions you chose to take. Whether or not you had their best interest in mind; they are wounded.

What you CAN do, is continue to love them. Continue to cherish them. Continue to stand your ground and enfold them in your heart. Be kind. Be honest. Be loving. Regardless of how they respond.

Sometimes it takes time for wounds to heal. Especially for those closest to you. Sometimes those very wounds are open doors to change the relationship for the better. Take it to new ground. Higher ground.

But whatever happens, don’t give up. Keep telling them you love them. Keep telling them you care for them. Keep praying for them. And someday when the hurt is a little bit less and the sting has faded; hindsight may just show them how great your love was for them in doing or saying what needed to be done or said.

And they will thank you. And they will love you more for it.

And it will be worth it all.

So, keep telling them. Those words.

That’s the job of love.

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