Friday, November 7, 2014

Get To Know Me a Little

I did this once a few years ago, and thought it was time for an update. I always enjoy reading about others – hope you enjoy learning about me a little bit!

1) If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be: a laptop, curling iron, and camera.

2) I have an irrational fear of... snakes. And of something horrible happening to my children.

3.) What type of food do you eat at your grandparent’s house? Oh – it’s been so long! But I have such dear and fond memories of Thanksgiving days spent there.

4.) What weight were you when you were born? Without looking it up, I believe I was 7lbs something

5.) What would you do if you were stranded on an island with the person you hate most? Somehow learn to work together to survive. And probably learn to understand them more in the process.

6.) When is your next vacation planned? I don’t have one and that’s okay with me! I’ve been blessed with so many travels already. Never know when another one will pop up!

7.) Do you stalk anyone on Facebook? – It depends. If something serious is going on with someone, yes, I check their page often.

8.) I find the thought of childbirth……Beautiful. It immediately takes me to my own two births and what magical days those were for me. I’d love to be present for the birth of one of my grandchildren someday…. Crossing fingers!

9.) My feet are…. Well, I have my toes always painted.

10.) My preferred food is…. Depends on the day and my mood! Love homemade chicken noodle soup or a good bowl of potato soup. But I also adore a great salad, pepperoni pizza, or tacos. And then there’s dark chocolate….

11.) Why is your 1 your 1? My husband? Because he showed me I was worth fighting for...

12.) Know how to cook? I cook fairly basic things - I'm certainly not a gourmet cook.

13.) I am annoyed with: laziness and people who don’t keep their word.

14.) What is the worst way you were dumped? Hmm - I don't think I was every really dumped. Probably because I was too scared to date much!

15.) What child-related smell do you not like? Throw-up, or nasty diapers.
16.) What sea creature scares you? Sharks!

17.) What kind of car do you have? Chevy Tahoe which has been a good car for us but is currently in fall-apart mode

18.) What object have you broken most recently? Well, I didn’t break it personally, but the way I allowed a picture to be placed in a car when we were moving, caused the glass to break. And it was my husband’s.

19.) Name one of the Spice Girls: Posh Spice?

20.) What is the last thing that made you cry? Can’t remember. I guess that’s a good thing!

21.) What are the stems on wine glasses for? Never thought about it - but they are very elegant and pretty! Maybe they are to hold onto so you can swish and swirl the wine before you drink it?

22.) My favorite shoes are: Boots! Which I need more of.

23.) Can you use chopsticks? No, but it would be fun to try

24.) Do you prefer beaches or forests? Hmm - well forests make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside because my dad used to be in the timber industry and so I grew up going into the forest here and there. But a warm, sunny beach? Beautiful. So it's a toss up for me.

25.) What serial killer do you find most disturbing? All of them!

26.) Who knows a secret or two about you? My husband, without a doubt. Then, my girls.

27.) Have you ever burned yourself? Too many times! I burned my eye with the curling iron (Yes, it was painful!), I've burned myself cooking too.

28.) Who is probably talking bad about you right now? Oh gosh. I sure hope no one!

29.) Where is your brother right now? Don’t have a brother.

30.) Do you believe in things that last forever? Only eternal things

31.) What are you listening to right now? People chattering away while eating lunch at our church café.

32.) What do you smell like? You'd have to ask my hubby and children...

33.) Are you married? Oh yes. I got me a warrior!

34.) Does anyone regularly tell you they love you? Yes. My family.

35.) Do you have any bad habits? I am always forgetting to stand up straight and I hate that. I also can interrupt when I get excited to say something – totally unintentional.

36.) Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Not seriously.

37.) What is one thing you've learned about life? That no one is perfect and everyone has hurt.

38.) What is your favorite color? I don't have just one. Love all shades of blues, black is classy, and pinks.

39.) Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? No.

40.) How many of the people in your friends list on Facebook do you actually know in real life? Most of them. There is no one on my list that I don’t know where or how I connected with them.

41.) Has anyone told you that they like you as more than a friend? My husband

42.) What are you looking forward to? The day when we get internet! It’s been 3 weeks without, and we are just waiting for the ‘internet people’ to finish hooking it up in our new neighborhood. I miss it so much!

43.) How are you today? I am doing good. Life is busy and lots is going on. But God is good and He is faithful. I am so blessed to be where I am.

Got a question? Feel free to ask!

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