Monday, November 17, 2014

We Are Always An Example To Someone

Some days I feel invisible. Like a statistic or number walking around this earth. I am just one – of – many.

But then there are days where I am reminded how the little things I do; the things I sometimes think are insignificant …. Well, they are noticed by someone else.

It’s usually something small. Something I didn’t intentionally or deliberately do to be a good example. Sometimes it’s something that has become a personal habit for me out of a need to create boundaries in my life for my own well-being and safe-keeping of standards.

I’m not sure why I’m always caught by surprise. After all, someone is always watching. If you’re a mother, your children are watching you. If you’re a grandparent, your grandchildren are watching you. If you’re an employee, your boss is watching you. A teacher – your students. A friend – your friends. Someone, somewhere is looking at you and watching.

How do we handle life?  By our actions, do we draw others to the God we claim to serve? Are we warm, inviting, forgiving, accepting? Or are we bitter, negative, unapproachable, and judgmental?

Generation to generation, we rub off on each other by our actions, our standards, and how we live life. Positive or negative, we are always teaching someone else.  Traits are “caught” from us whether we want them to be caught or not. And they aren’t always the good things. Our bad habits are caught and passed on to others as well.

We may be okay with how we act until we notice someone else wearing those same actions. Watching always brings clarity and focus.

I want to be a good example. If I’m going to pass on anything, I would hope it’s good, loving, joyful, generous, and joyful. If part of me is going to live on once I’m gone, I want it to be a good part. I want to know that something good is being added to this society, to these people, to this life.

Don’t you?

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