Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sometimes I Forget To Play the "Glad Game"

One of my favorite ‘old’ Disney movies is “Pollyanna.” Something about that little girl and her sweet desire to be positive despite her circumstances, has always resonated with me.

I try to be positive in life, although I would never call myself a ‘Pollyanna.’ I do, however, try to look at the good in life. The blessings that God has given me. For I am so thankful for those gifts.

However, sometimes I get wrapped up in my own little world and the circumstances in it that cause me to be frustrated, upset, discouraged, or mad. And I can forget to be ‘glad’ about something in spite of them.

For instance, we are going strong into week six of not having any internet in our new house. It’s a long story – but suffice it to say, that one company didn’t know they were building on our street at all and didn’t lay any internet cable at all. The other company started late and has yet to give us the ‘all clear’ – so we are just waiting… and waiting… and waiting some more for them to tell us we are now eligible for internet.

It’s been painful for me. As an online writer and someone active on social media – I’ve been enduring major withdrawals. I’ve had to go down to my church on occasion just to schedule a few tweets or blog entries.  My girls have to pay to print things out at school. I can’t shop online for Christmas gifts. Google maps? Forget about it. Can’t use it right now. Creating Christmas cards? Nope! Online bill paying? Finding a new doctor? You get the idea. It’s amazing how much we use the internet these days for so many things!  But instead of finding something to be ‘glad’ about – I’ve wallowed in my sorrow and disgust at how ridiculous it has been to sit here for six weeks without internet.

That six weeks probably could have been a lot more fun had I had a more positive attitude. I could have been glad that I had the extra time to unpack and set up our new home. I could be glad that I HAVE a church with a café and internet that I can occasionally stop in at! I could be glad for the realization that I am SO appreciative to normally be able to get on the internet every day from my home!

Seems silly, but it changes my perspective on everything. It changes my attitude, my focus, and my heart. And most of all, it makes me kinder. I get grumpy when I’m not happy. And that’s not fun for anyone.

So how about you try the ‘Glad Game?” Whatever situation you’re going through right now – the one that is not fun, discouraging, frustrating, or a challenge – try to find something to be glad about in spite of it all. Try to make it a habit and allow it to soften your heart to the unfair things in this world. I promise, you’ll be glad you did. And so will others around you!

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