Friday, November 21, 2014

So You Don't Lose Yourself

It’s so good to be able to hear my own thoughts. So many times they seem crowded by the noise and voices going on all around me.

That’s why sometimes I crave alone time. Time for ME. Time to hear my own thoughts and feelings. Time to FEEL what I’m feeling!

I love people. I love to people watch. I love to talk to people. They fascinate me. I love adventures. I love road trips and making memories with my family.  But with all of that, I still need time where there is no audience; no one else but me and my God.

I need time to sort through all the things I’ve been filing away day after day. And, sometimes, I just don’t want to think at all. Heaven knows, I do a lot of it – painstakingly analyzing whether I’m making right decisions, and looking at them from every angle. Sometimes I just need to be with myself to remind myself of who I am.

Do you know who you are?

I remember in the movie, “Runaway Bride,” Julia Robert’s character always ordered eggs the way her fiancé ordered them. She has a moment in the movie where she has to try her eggs in all sorts of manners and ways, before she realizes and figures out what way SHE likes them! She had taken on the likes of those she loved – without even realizing it.

That can be the way with us, sometimes. We go with the flow and the tide of life so much, that we forget what and how WE really think and feel about things. We almost buy into the fact that we think and feel like everyone else, because we don’t take the time to get to know ourselves. We get lost.

Most of us can’t take a week off from our families, our jobs, or our commitments. But we can take an hour. We can sneak away for a quiet lunch, or sit on the back patio for a bit. It may seem strange at first and hard to not fill up that time with reading, checking email, etc. But it will grow on you. And it will grow IN you.

Which is just what is needed.

Take that time for YOU. Clear your head and heart. Embrace the silence.

Embrace yourself.

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