Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heading to Washington DC

I am so excited. I am headed to Washington DC for a week with my oldest daughter and her history class.

I have never been to our nation's capitol.  And I am so excited to take a look at our Christian heritage and be able to see in person how God started our country with christian values and faith.

We plan on seeing lots of fun things both in DC, and in neighboring Virginia and Philadelphia. We plan on visiting Gettysburg,  Jamestown Settlement, Monticello, the National Archives, the Supreme Court and Library of Congress, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Mount Vernon (insert breath here because there's more!), Williamsburg, the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Newseum, the Smithsonian, Iwo Jima, the Marine Corps Museum, Arlington National Cemetary, the Capitol, Ford's Theater and a few more!

My grandpa's name is included in the registry for the World War 2 Memorial. I found his record online before we left.

Praying for good health and good weather. And just good memories with my daughter, although I know I won't be by her side every second as she has friends and classmates she will want to be hanging out with.

I'm very thankful to be going on this experience.

As always, I'm not leaving you empty handed. I have some posts scheduled to go out while I'm gone. Let me know you kept visiting while I was away - won't you?

Hugs, my friends.



Suzanne said...

I am so excited for you! We did a very similar trip with our daughter a few summers ago. It was an amazing learning experience and something we will treasure always. Can't wait to hear how it went! We'll be praying for your safe travel.

Dionna said...

Suzanne - It was a fantastic trip! We went to so many places that my head was spinning.

Thank you for praying for our safe travel. I sure appreciate it!