Sunday, April 22, 2012

Keep Dreaming

The older I get, the more I find that I’m contemplative, introspective, and thoughtful about my life. Life has gone by at the speed of light (they said it would) and I see it continuing to fly by as I watch my children growing faster than I’d prefer.

I’ve seen some of my dreams and wishes pan out – like getting to road trip across the U.S. or getting married and having babies. I’ve seen some fall by the wayside as well.

My life is in a constant sense of shifting and adjusting these days; it seems. With each passing year, the changing seasons of my kids means it’s also a changing season for me. My role is changing and as it is, I find that I’m in a state of transition.

More recently, I’ve been finding myself looking forward more than I’ve been looking back. I’ve been digging deep inside of me to see just what it is that I want for the rest of my life. What do I want to do and be? Who am I all about? What kind of life do I want for myself as my children continue to be more and more independent?

I’m learning that I need something to look forward to. Something to get excited about and hope for.  If I find that some dreams are not working out or are not possible at this stage of my life – then I look for new ones. For there is always something to dream about!

My grandpa didn’t start carving wood until he was well into retirement. And he made the most gorgeous sculptures. I have one of a moose that is very dear to me and when people come over they are amazed that my grandfather carved it.  The thing is – the fact that he didn’t learn something until late in life and that he became so good at it; is a great example and reminder for me. I can always find a new interest or discover something new I really enjoy. I can continue to dream, hope, and  make goals for my life.

It’s okay that not everything in my life pans out. Some things just aren’t meant to be. Other things come back around and find their way into our hearts and lives at a different time and season that is more perfect than the one we would have chosen years prior. But some things come into our lives at just the right time. If we allow our hearts to remain open, we will learn new things, embrace new loves, and find new joys that we never would have envisioned or planned on all on our own.

Dreams make life worth living and they are all around us. Keep hoping, keep seeking, and keep dreaming.


Ashley Ditto said...

Beautiful post! I am new to your blog! :)

Dionna said...

I love new readers! Welcome, Ashley! :)