Friday, April 20, 2012

Would You Like to Be MORE Than You Are?

How many of us go above and beyond the call of duty today? It doesn’t seem like a lot.

When I go into a store or a restaurant, it is very common to find someone doing just what they are required to do. Not very often do they do MORE than they are required to do. How do I know? Well, because it stands out when they do! When someone goes out of their way or makes extra efforts  - they stand out. They shine.

I was always taught to have integrity in all I do. To do my very best.  To me, my very best isn’t just the bare minimum to get by. No, it is often little touches that are above and beyond what is expected.

I’m trying to teach this trait to my children as well. Sometimes, when I ask them to clean up the kitchen or a room, I will ask them to look for something extra to do or to clean up something that they weren’t asked to clean up. I do this because I’m trying to teach them to LOOK for ways they can go above and beyond what is required of them. It is so easy for them to rush around and clean up what they’ve been told to, and then run from the room before I can check up on them. They want out of there! It’s another thing altogether to look for ways they can do “extra.”

I think it feels good to do extra things – simply because we can! It feels good to go out of your way to help someone in that unexpected way. For anyone can do what is required. But it takes someone with heart and soul to do MORE. To BE more.

Whether it’s our job, our role as a wife or mother, a volunteer opportunity we’ve undertaken, or even as a friend; there are ways we can look to shine. We can simply get by with the basics, or we can strive for ourstanding.

Which one is YOUR best way to be you?

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