Monday, April 30, 2012

Enduring or Enjoying?

I enjoy my children – truly, I do.  My girls are two of my best friends. 

I’m supposed to be the mom, but there are so many times where I feel as if I’M the one learning the lessons instead of teaching them!  I also can’t even fathom my life without the laughter and smiles that my children bring into it.

I do enjoy my children.  I always have.  I enjoy doing their hair, tucking them into bed, buying them clothes, and taking them to and from school. Call me crazy – but I even enjoy it when they are home and they have NO school!

I think children can sense how we feel about them, whether or not we say it out loud.  I think they internally understand more than we could possibly realize.

So, of course it bothers me when I see parents who don’t seem to enjoy their children at all.  They pawn them off on friends or neighbors, seem to resent any kind of function in which they should attend; or act as though their children shouldn’t even open their mouths to speak or utter a question.

We can all nod our heads in agreement, if we feel we are not this kind of a mom.  But I’m sure each one of us has groaned when “junior” continues to express curiosity and asks us another countless question.  I’m sure each one of us, have gotten irritated when our children interrupt our plans, adult conversations, or projects.  If we are really going to be truthful, how many of us have felt like we are being held back from opportunities, fun activities, or other such “pulls” from life… simply because we need to stay home with the kids?

I’ve always been afraid that something would happen to me and my girls would grow up without a mom.   So I don’t resent it when I need to stay home with them.  I’m thankful because I get to instill values in them, share with them, love on them, and watch them grow up.  And that’s exactly what I wanted to stick around for!

Being a mom is a joy. It’s not something that we should merely endure.  We are missing out on so many precious moments and blessings if we choose to merely endure our children until they grow up.

I pray that you can see the gift that God has given your life… wrapped up in the package of your children.  Let them show you just how fun it can be, to be their mom.

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