Saturday, April 14, 2012

When There's Nothing Left To Do But To Walk Faithfully With God

Trials. They come at us in different strengths and doses. For some of us, something that might seem like a fleeting nuisance to someone else becomes a huge challenge in our lives. We all have different weaknesses and buttons that satan loves to push. And push he does!

There have been seasons in my life when I feel like all I can do is keep going and breathing. In those times, I haven’t felt like I could offer much to anyone else and I certainly have struggled with my own emotions, doubts, and fears through it. For some trials just grip you and won’t loosen their strength for a while. 

I remember when I was going through one of those very seasons. I was praying with passion, calling upon scripture, and just doing things throughout my days to help me stay focused and not lose momentum in my Christian walk. It can be hard to do at times. When a spiritual battle comes calling and you are dealing with spiritual forces – our own strength is never nearly enough.

I was listening to a podcast (and at this time, I don’t even remember who it was) of a pastor and he said something that gave me just the right rope I needed to hold onto at that time.  He said that sometimes you just have to walk faithfully with God.

I may not be getting the answers I want at times in life.  I may be discouraged or frustrated by my circumstances, challenge, or situation. But it doesn’t matter. For there are times in life where God doesn’t offer me an explanation. He doesn’t give me a way out. He is God.  And in those times, I can ask Him all the “why’s,” “why not’s,” “how comes,” and “pleases” I want to – but His reasons are His alone. And in those times, I have to decide if I truly trust Him. If I truly love Him. If I truly believe He will deliver me. And if I do – then my option is to simply walk faithfully with my God.

You see, that is my option. To walk faithfully with God or to fight against Him.  And for me, there really is no option at all. I know that if I walk faithfully with God through that tough time, that a new season will come upon me at some point.  A fresh day. A fresh chance. And my faithfulness will be rewarded at that time because I obeyed, I trusted, and I was simply faithful.

It may not always be the answer we want to hear. Sometimes we just want clear deliverance. And I think it’s always okay to ask for that. But if we don’t get it; then our faith comes into question and we are forced to either exercise it or abandon it.  But if we choose the option of walking faithfully with God – HIS strength will guide us, encourage us, and walk with us along the journey.

You can count on that.

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