Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When The Praises Stop

I was praising God for a prayer request He’d answered for me. It was a big one in my mind. Of course I’ve had many big ones. But this was one of those ones that threatened my safe haven at home.

God not only answered my deep plea; He answered swiftly.

I was praising Him. I praised Him for days. Every time I faced what “used” to be this threat and again saw how it had been removed – I praised Him.

As I was still in the moments immediately following this great praise, I was bringing yet another request before God. One that I was confident He would answer because I felt He’d told me He would. But as I was praying for this new request and thinking about the old request that had gotten answered – a thought came to me.  “Why do we stop praising God?” When do the praises stop and why?

I know that God has answered many of my prayers over the years. I know that I have thanked Him (for not nearly enough of them) and tried to honor Him when I knew He’d intervened on my behalf. But at some point, I stopped.

I moved on.

Now as I sit here thinking, I have wishes in my heart. Wishes that we’d never stop feeling the feelings of praise and elation after God answers our hearts. I wish we’d always remember that feeling of love and care when we know God has swept down and personally addressed us.

I hate that we forget so easily!

Sometimes, I think we should look back in our lives and remember. Remember to thank God for those things He’s done for us in the past. Remember that He IS there with us. Watching. Loving. Working.

Not every one of our prayers will get answered in the way we desire. Some won’t get answered at all. But I KNOW that those have to be in our best interests. And I KNOW that the ones my God HAS answered have been huge blessings and victories in my life.

I don’t want my praises of thanks to stop when God answers one of my prayer requests. He’s earned them.

I pray that each time I recognize God’s hand in my life, that I will praise Him longer. Stronger. Louder.

I just don’t want to forget that He loves me and shows me. In mighty ways.

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