Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Are All Different

I’m not a morning person. My body has a really tough time rising in the winter when it’s still dark outside. And even when the time changes and it IS light outside, it takes me quite awhile to wake and not be groggy.

My husband is completely different. He can rise quickly and e-a-r-l-y. He loves mornings.

Add to that, he doesn’t need near as much sleep as I do. I need a lot to function really well.

I see the differences in my children too. One is joyful in the morning and can get going rather quickly – the other one? Not so much.

We are all different. God made us that way.

I think it ironic that we can so easily make fun of someone for being different than we are. We can mock or criticize someone for wanting extra sleep when we don’t need it. We can laugh at someone who is cold in 60 degree weather when we get hot at anything over 70.

But we are different. And we can’t expect others to deal with life the same way we do – because they weren’t created the same way we were.

People literally were crafted differently.  Some people catch every virus that goes around while others never seem to get sick. It’s not a choice.

Some things in our lives are preferences. But others exist because we each have been molded differently so that we can each play a unique role in life.

It may be hard to understand where someone else is coming from if we haven’t experienced it ourselves, but we can try to see things from their shoes. We can think of something we ourselves struggle with that we wished we wouldn’t – and that in and of itself can at times help us look kinder on their position and stance.

God is my creator. If I feel more motivated in the sunshine and someone else thrives in the snow – I have to believe there is a reason God made us that way.  


Mark said...

Amen! We are all made the same.....only different! :)

Dionna said...

Something so obvious, yet how easily we forget. :)