Friday, November 23, 2012

The Beautiful People

I love watching a good movie with good looking people. But it’s so un-real. 

Let’s face it. We all live in the real world. Not everyone is beautiful. In fact, most of us – are not beautiful. Not “Hollywood Beautiful” anyways. We don’t have our faces and hair done by stylists and we either abandon our nails all together or rummage up our own homemade nail job.

We have wrinkles. And we have cellulite. Movies don’t show that. They mislead. They make us think that life can be perfectly….beautiful.

And it can. But in a different way. 

People who are REALLY beautiful don’t always have flawless faces. But they do have generous lives. They serve, they laugh, they cry….they love.

Beautiful people in the real world don’t always go and see the beautiful doctor or the beautiful next door neighbor.

Our houses aren’t always beautiful. They are messy. Dirty. Flawed.

I hate that our lives sometimes come down to simply striving for beauty. For it doesn’t last. Beauty is fleeting when it’s simply measured by our skin. But when it resides in the heart, beauty can transcend even our own lives.

I don’t ever want to walk down Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue and feel like I don’t belong because I’m not wearing the right kind of clothes or have the right kind of image.  I want to feel confident when I’m walking down those types of streets because I have a life that is full of beauty. I have friends who find me beautiful because of who I am.

That’s the kind of beauty that matters to me.

Yes, I want to be found beautiful on the outside too. But I don’t want to prioritize it. Because when it comes down to my heart and soul – they are the real me.

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