Monday, November 19, 2012

Your "Sweet Spot"

Are you living life within your “sweet spot?” Why or why not?

We all have areas that are where we really flourish and blossom in. Those are areas where we can truly feel alive and be ourselves. We sit within our natural bents and calling in life. We feel fully engaged in who we are and we are comfortable – happy – content.

Some of us (right now) are far from our sweet spot. It might be a location. It might be a job. But we are living outside of where our heart truly longs to be.

Others of us are fortunate enough to be residing right in our sweet spot. Maybe we luckily landed there and discovered it – knowing it was where we were meant to be….or maybe we fought hard to get there. But we are living out our life knowing we are using and being exactly who and where we were meant to be.

Do you even know what your sweet spot is? Do you know where you truly feel at your best? Do you know where you are meant to be? If not, God can help you find those answers for I believe He has a role meant specifically for each one of us. And once we discover that role and live it out, we will know that is who we were meant to be.

If you know where your sweet spot is and you aren’t currently in it, I’d encourage you to pursue it with your whole heart. It is where you are meant to be.

Every “sweet spot” is a gift from God. It is where HE can fully use us and it is where we can fully feel the joy and blessing that only He can give us. Pursue it. Cling to it. Long for it.  And it shall be given to you.

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