Saturday, November 17, 2012

Being a Safe Harbor For Your Kids

I’ve told my girls countless times that I want to be a safe harbor for them. I’ve reiterated that fact when I felt they were going through things and may be hesitating at confiding in me.

Sure, I realize they don’t tell me everything. Part of me is okay with that. Part of me struggles with that and always will. But I want my children to have some space in their hearts to freely think and feel for themselves without me interjecting thoughts and feelings; making them feel like I’m crowding their own feelings out.

Sometimes I think they might forget they can trust me with anything. That I will love them no matter what.

Then, I’m reminded.

I’m reminded the time my daughter wrote me a mother’s day booklet at school and included on one page that “my boat dock is always safe with mom.” 
I’m reminded when that same daughter confides in me some things about a friend. And then I overhear her in the kitchen with her father and he’s trying to figure some things out. When he is told by her that she doesn’t want to go into it because she told me; he inquires “Why, mom?” He is told, “Because she’s my safe harbor!”

Yes, I smile from the other room where they can’t see me or know I hear. For my message must be getting across.

I’ll have to continue to repeat it many more times through the years. Just as a reminder. To them. And to me.

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