Thursday, November 8, 2012

Offering Fine Dining To Your Guests: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

How many times do we fret over our meals? When company or visitors stop by, we stress and strain over what to make them. It has to be elaborate. Gourmet. Fancy.

Why the fuss?

Is it about filling them up with good food and good company…or is it about us and our image?

I’ve decided (for the most part, because I’m still human and get caught up in vanity and pride) that I’m done cooking “fancy.” I’m going for simple. Casual. Comfortable.

I’d much rather spend less time fussing over food in the kitchen and more time enjoying good conversation and company with my guests. I’m not fond of cooking anyways – so why try to impress?

I do want to make those who enter my home feel special. Valued. Worth my time. But I don’t want to get sucked into pretense. I’m not about pretending I whip up huge home-cooked meals, when our family is simply content with sub sandwiches or tacos on most week-nights.

The only thing I struggle with is feeling a bit….”less than.”  I feel a little immature and childish if I serve grilled cheese sandwiches to company. But trust me, I’m trying to get over that – because honestly? Grilled cheese sandwiches are so much more “me” than lobster anyways.

How about you? Do you struggle to cook fine meals for your guests? Or are you comfortable going with something that is more in your budget and low-key? Do you avoid having company all together because you feel inept to serve them?

God often broke bread with others in the Bible. I wonder how they felt about having the great “I AM” in their presence and simply eating bread instead of a lavish meal?

If it’s one thing I’m learning as each year goes by it’s that life is more about WHO we are than WHAT we do.   We should certainly make the effort to love on others  - as long as our hearts are in the right place. But we should also remember to strive for authenticity. And let’s face it, sometimes pizza that we ordered out is so much more authentic than chicken cacciatore.


Mark said...

good read today! I totally agree! Reminds me of Martha that busied herself so much in the kitchen because she was trying to impress Jesus....when Mary just cared about being in his presence.....
thank for sharing!

Dionna said...

Great example using Mary and Martha! It's definitely a tendency we have to constantly watch.