Sunday, November 4, 2012


Focus. There are those days where I know I really need it. They are the days of feeling overwhelmed. Stressed out. Frustrated. Stuck.

Sometimes situations don’t change. But my heart can. My perspective can if I get some focus.

Maybe I simply need some time alone so I can hear my own thoughts. You know what I mean? Sometimes life is so loud and those around us so loud that we just feel like we can’t hear what is in our own head.

Maybe I need to remove myself from a situation – even if temporarily.

Maybe I need time with God. (Actually , I’m pretty sure in every one of these situations our focus will improve after we have time with God!)

Maybe I need some R & R.

Sometimes to tune yourself in to something, you need a little break and time to tune yourself OUT.

If you long for focus, if you’re thirsty for it – don’t ignore that fact. Get yourself some. Do it for your own physical and emotional well being. Do it for those who love you. Do it for those who don’t and would continue to be a part of the stressors in your life if you didn’t find some focus.

You don’t have to keep on keeping on. At least not in the same direction.

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