Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doubting Yourself

Do you ever feel robbed of your self-worth?

Time after time we can feel battered, bruised, and raked over the coals in relationships, in our gifts, in our life. 

Friends reject us and so we start to doubt whether we are loveable.

Our dreams aren’t realized, so we start to doubt whether we are valuable.

Then we can start to sabotage ourselves without even trying. We figure they won’t invite us, won’t want us there, won’t pick us….so we don’t even try.

Satan has robbed us of what matters the most about who we are – the fact that God created us to be exactly as we are. If he can get us to feel unloveable, not valuable, and not worthy, then he can keep us quiet. He can deal with us much better when we feel like victims instead of conquerors.

Life can be so brutal. Good people can get hurt time and time again. And instead of adding their compassion, kindness, gentleness, and unique ability to love and forgive to life – they instead are relegated to giving up. They lose their desire to help, to serve….because they don’t feel like they truly are making a difference or that they matter.

They are wrong. YOU are wrong.

We all have bad seasons in life. Bad days. We all go through times where we doubt our character, our personality, our gifts. And it can be good to take a hard look at them from time to time. But the biggest misstep we can make in life is to give up. To give in.  To lose our sense of self.

Believe in yourself when no one else does. Love yourself when no one else seems to. Value yourself when no one else sees what is valuable.  If you believe in yourself, it will motivate you to find the others who do too. The others who will walk (or run) alongside of you to give you the strength you need on the rainy days and to inspire and encourage you. To show you things about yourself that you never even saw or realized yourself.

You will be whole again. You will feel joy again. You will feel valued, loved, and worthy.

And you will see what God has seen all along.

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