Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sometimes We Can Feel Like We're Living In the Background

One summer when our family was visiting New Orleans, they were filming a movie. It was scorching-hot weather; but we managed to pause for a few minutes to watch.

We observed them film one 30 sec piece again and again. Each time, as they were about to begin, they’d shout through the megaphone, “Background!” And all of the extra’s would start walking across the street acting and looking casual.

We found it amusing. But more than that, it became an inside-saying in our family. Every once in awhile, when the situation deemed it appropriate, one of us would holler, “Background!” We all knew what was meant by that. We were letting the other person know it was their cue, their TIME to do whatever.

Sometimes in life, we can feel like we are living in the background. We can feel like wallpaper instead of the designer item that gets to sit in the center of the room as the focal point.

I don’t believe that God means us to live life in this way.

I don’t think we are meant to be the center of everyone’s world but we shouldn’t feel as if we are simply the “background” either. There should be people in our lives who hold us in high esteem; simply because they love us as we are.

We should feel like our lives are vibrant and alive – that we are moving forward instead of simply staying in the same position….the same background image day in and day out; running the same routine.

Change can be scary. Hard. We tend to avoid it at times. But sometimes it’s very necessary. Having a servant’s heart and living life from your heart is much different than feeling ignored – neglected – and overlooked. It is too easy to be taken for granted by others, for others always have needs that need to be taken care of!

In Proverbs 3:15, God tells us that we are “more precious than rubies….” God holds us in high esteem. He finds us valuable.

Our hearts should be bursting with the knowledge that our Mighty and Great Lord finds us so precious to Him! That thought, those feelings – should be able to fuel us into pursuing a life that is rich and full. A life that lives out it’s calling and purpose.

None of us were meant to simply be “background.” We were meant to stand out.  If that means you need to make some changes in your life today – do it. For you are a gift. A priceless commodity that has a lot to give. Don’t waste it away simply being background.

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