Sunday, March 17, 2013

It Took More Energy Than It Should Have

Have you ever gone into something with a good heart and hopeful expectations only to have it turn into more work than you’d bargained for?

I’m sure we all have.

There are just those things that end up being emotionally exhausting. They take more energy than we’d planned on. Our expectations end up in frustrations. We lose some of our emotional fuel and we feel “stuck” for awhile.

Why does this happen? Why does it seem like these times come when our motivation and heart were in the right place to begin with?

I’ll be honest. I don’t know.

I think if I did know, I probably wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to many of the things that ended up proving to be a challenge in my life. And maybe that’s it right there. God still wanted us to say ‘yes’ even though things didn’t turn out like we’d hoped.

I know that so many things in my life have made me stronger. And even though at times I like to joke about how I don’t want to be any stronger – I do. And I’m thankful for the strength many situations have given me; to be wiser, more discerning, more humble, patient, joyful, etc. Unfortunately, I obviously still have miles to go in all of these areas or else I wouldn’t still have life lessons I needed to learn!

The plain fact is that sometimes things DO take more out of us than we bargained for. The “good” we thought would come – doesn’t. And our energy can be depleted.

Hang in there. Keep doing good. Keep doing the right thing. Oftentimes, God provides a way out that we never would have envisioned. Or He will give us the strength to endure it – and grow from it.

And once it’s said and done, the air you breathe will be sweeter because you will be more thankful for the spacious place that comes with it.

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