Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scripture On The Screen

Churches go through trends, it seems. For years now, in my own church and in the churches I’ve visited, I’ve seen a big screen in the front of the room that is used to help put up words to worship songs, main points in a message, and Bible verses.

At first, I liked it. I liked the fact that the church was using media and getting more current.

But lately, when it comes to that screen putting Bible verses up? Well, I don’t think I like it anymore. And I’ll explain why.

Recently I noticed that we don’t dig into God’s Word on our own anymore. You see, it is being done for us.

When we go to church on Sundays, my daughters don’t even bring their Bibles. They tell me they don’t need to because the Bible verses are put up on the screen for them to see. And I even noticed myself recently, failing to open my own Bible because it was easier to just look up and read it in front of me.

I realize that having “Scripture on the Big Screen” probably started in a quest to help those who were new to the church. Those who didn’t own Bibles or who didn’t know how to find certain passages. We wanted to make it easier for them and put it where they could still read it.  But as time has gone on, I’m thinking that this tactic has instead, done so much for us that we don’t bury our own heads in God’s Word anymore.

How will any of us know how to find a passage if we never open the book? How will we know in what context the verse was given if we don’t, ourselves, look it up and read the verses before and after the verse being used? And most importantly, how will we gain the riches of discovery that God’s Word can bring to our hearts if we don’t seek it out for ourselves?

We’ve become passive. It’s easier.

I know some churches are held in gymnasiums or other venues where, like me, you sit in a folding chair. It’s not always convenient or comfortable to open your Bible up on your lap, and also try to take notes if you want to.

But it’s important.

If we want to grow in God’s Word we HAVE to get into it. We have to spend time reading what He says to us. Thinking about it for ourselves. Seeking it for ourselves. 

When it’s all done for us – we fail to even try.   Our Bibles sit unopened and untouched.

I’d much rather have mine be worn from rifling through its pages often for answers and guidance.

Some advances and moves forward in the church are good. But some…..some just take the adventure and quest out of the journey.


Unknown said...

Hi! I enjoyed this article, I too have seen this and often thought of this same thing! But I relaize that the word of God is the word of God through any medium," alive and active..." Screens, phones, ipad, xerox's pinned on wall and the beautiful bible itself! I sometimes idolized my bible with certain leathers and baskets and corners, I love the Word so much I can go overboard with creative approaches instead of meditating on the written Word! Getting it into our mind and hearts however we can is the most important. If we think back to the days when the jewish people had it on their hearts and minds but women couldnt even read the scrolls, then for generations many Christians never saw a bible. It was heard and spoken. I realize its my job to teach the children to delve into the Word at home, in their rooms, on the bus on the phone app, So i came to the conclusion the big screens are a good thing. Yes for the new folk that need to "see" the Word. The old and itred and seeing impaired, and the young and lazy. The church building isnt just where we should be opening the bible, thats 1 hour in 7 days, so I say yes to screens now agter much thought, and yes to opening the beautiful leatherback Word for study or ipad or iphone everyday at home and elswhere!! Blessings to you!

Dionna said...

Mara -
Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. You made some valid points - and I don't disagree with anything you said. I am glad that new believers or visitors have the screen to look at God's Word. My main concern was that I found that we started relying on the screen to feed us - instead of digging into God's Word on our own and opening up our Bibles.

It was just an observation, for myself and my family. :)