Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Need To Do Better

Kids need good examples and role models. Not just in today’s world but in ANY world. I think maybe parents were better examples of living up to these qualities in years past than we do today, though.  I think we often fall short of being the kind of leaders and examples as adults that our kids truly need.

We need to show our kids how to apologize. We need to model humility and respect for others. We should be the first ones to show our children how to forgive.  We can show them what true joy feels like and how to cry and feel the burdens of a friend.  We need to be present and engaged in their lives to show them how to show someone they are valued.  How else will our children learn to put down the texting, stick up for a friend who is being bullied, respect their neighbor’s property, or forgive someone who has hurt them deeply? How will our children understand that life can change in a heartbeat and if you can “suffer well,” you WILL get through it stronger, wiser, and better?

We are dropping the ball. We are defending and bailing our children out too much when we should be teaching them to shoulder responsibility. We are letting them slough off discipline in their life whether it’s chores, homework, or personal attention to family.  We are raising entitled people.

I stay fairly up-to-date on the news. Children are murdering children. They are raping children. They are bullying and pushing other children to the point where they kill themselves. Children are sexting. Children are disrespectful and uncontrollable in our schools.  Why – do you think? Why does this generation of children seem to be so out of control?

It starts in the home. It starts with us as parents. It starts with sacrifice, belief, time, and love. We are dropping the ball and we need to do better. We need to BE better. No more yelling at the coach on the field. No more griping or gossiping about others in front of our children. No more false building up of our children if they are not gifted in certain areas. No more rewarding our children for everything they do – try complimenting them and letting that be their reward instead! No more letting our children rule the roost in our homes. No more neglecting our children for our own social status and circles.  There are so many “no more’s…” that could be said!

Our children need us. You are valuable, important, crucial, and relied upon! Show your children how to be honest, moral, and respectful. Teach your children how to be wise, discerning, and humble. Model for them how to be forgiving, compassionate, and kind.  If you don’t – you can’t expect your child’s teacher, church, or club to do it for you. They won’t learn it, they won’t model it, and they certainly won’t BE it.

We need to do better. We have the chance to truly be a leader… for our children. But with that label comes great responsibility. Let’s rise to the challenge and start changing the next generation…one child at a time.