Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Not Glamorous

Self-worth. I seek it. I see most people around me seek it. That desire we all have inside to feel worthwhile and to know what our purpose is in life.

For most of us, we continue to seek that self-worth well into our middle age years.

As a people watcher, I learn a lot. Of course, I also learn a lot from my own mistakes over my lifetime, but I learn a lot from the lives of those who cross my path.  I see patterns and themes in common. Issues that we all struggle with and areas that we all battle to reveal to others.

One thing I’ve been noticing more and more is this “image” thing. It is popping up in a more visual way because of the world wide web. 

We highlight our trips, our ministries and our successes online. We post photos and we tweet tweets. There is this “need” that is being grown more and more in our hearts to be able to be a part of what we deem “great” in the lives of others.

It’s as if we have relegated “purpose” to “success.” And none of us want to be left out.

It doesn’t matter if the trend of the moment is everyone going to Africa and feeding the poor, or buying Tom’s shoes – we all want to be a part, and more than that, we want to be able to TELL others that we were a part.

But I look at the example for my life…the Bible. And I see where the greatest influences were often carried out. It was in the homes of God’s people.

Following God isn’t always glamorous. In fact, a lot of the time, it’s day in and day out obedience.

It’s mundane.

It’s faithful.

It’s developing relationships.

For most of us, God isn’t going to create a legacy in the lives of others by going on a short term missions trips. (Although I think there is great benefit in doing that.) And He’s not usually going to choose to elevate us to a position of notoriety or publicity where half the world knows our name, our cause, and our deeds.

No, God loves to work in the normal. The meek. The forgotten and the humble.

He loves to work in the lives of you and me. By using us to anonymously drop off food for a family in need at our church or spending hours doing homework and going to our teen’s sports games. By being THERE. By being real!

He uses us when others watch our reaction to a political election or a grumbling and cantankerous neighbor. He uses us in our jobs. He uses us in our daily life.

Daily life.  At the gas station, in the store, doing our taxes, walking the dog. Not glamorous – but faithful. Obedient.

We are always being watched. And we always have someone whom we can be investing into. The life of our two year old. Our aging grandparent. The lonely woman at church. There is always someone.

It isn’t glamorous. But it’s real. And I believe God has called us to real. For that is where the majority of the people are.

Right next to you.

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