Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sing Like a Bird

One of my favorite things in the summertime is to wake up with an open window and hear the birds outside chirping and singing away. I love it so. It lends a whole cheer and tone to my day from the very beginning.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a “sad” bird song. They always seem to have melody in their voices and a smile in their song. I like that. I think we could learn from that.

When we wake up and start each day, it is a gift. After all – God sustained us through the night and saw fit to let us live another day. That is one reason to wake up smiling and singing.  We also have the chance to live each new day “right.” We have another chance to say the right thing, think the right thing, act in the right circumstance and do it with the right heart and motivation… and love from a heart that is right with God.

Each new day is a fresh start. A new beginning. Another chance to be who we want to be. That is cause to sing is it not?

They say you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I think that’s true. But I don’t think I’ve seen a bird do that. They seem to wake up with a song in their heart. They are focused on the day and the job with which they are set out to do. Whether that’s building a nest, guarding eggs, bringing food to their young – whatever. They do it with cheer and focus.

If we have the right intentions and motivation, we too, can feel happy each morning that we wake up. We can have a song on our tongue, a smile on our lips, and cheer in our heart. Just like the birds.

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