Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Right Blend

My husband and I are very different. It’s true sometimes how opposites attract. He loves spontaneity while I like things planned out. He loves to “go-go-go” while I’m more like the slow and methodical turtle in the race. I like to pace myself. Neither is a wrong approach to life.

I was thinking how my children are getting such a varied look at how to approach life. Even though my husband and I may have to make some extra efforts at time to find common ground between each one of our comfort zones in life; our children can instead, hopefully, take the best from each one of us.

My prayer is that my children will learn from my husband how to soak up life as an adventure. I hope that they will learn how to enjoy it, love it, and live it with full abandon. From me, I pray that they will get that they need to learn sometimes life needs to teach you and make you wiser, better, and stronger.  I hope that they will learn to think and pray over decisions and choices before jumping in with both feet.

My prayer is that my children will learn that you don’t get anywhere in life by sitting back and waiting for the “right time.” They can learn from their dad. Yet I hope they will learn from me that at times, you need to step out of the rat race and take some time to recharge, refuel, and replenish your heart, mind, and spirit. It’s important for your health and your mind frame. It focuses you and brings things clarity when they are badly needed.

I can teach my children how to be organized and plan ahead; two tools that are so beneficial in life. Yet my husband can teach my children how to have fun and remember to laugh and let things slide and go at times in order to grab hold to an opportunity that may not come around again.

We each offer something. Something important, valuable, and beneficial to navigating life. With all of my heart, I pray that our children will take the best from each one of us and file them away in their hearts and lives so that they can be balanced and joyful people. I pray that they will learn there is a time to run, and a time to walk. There is a time to risk and a time to be cautious. I hope they will see the foolishness in blindly leaping in and in standing back out of fear.

If you take differences in people and blend them together, sometimes you come up with a beautiful mix of “rightness.” I hope that’s the recipe my husband and I make in our family and if so, may our children become the right blend.

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