Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Each Have a Different Approach

I hate feeling rushed.

I hate the stress, panic, and frenzy that comes with having to do things in a hurry. Having to do them NOW.

When I am going on a trip, I start packing a week ahead of time. A little bit at a time. That way, I am not overwhelmed the night before. I’m calm and rested. I’ve given myself plenty of time to add things so as not to forget anything. And I have time to get other things done in the process.

I don’t go out on Christmas Eve and buy all my gifts at once. I start buying them a few months ahead of time when and where I can. Even with this approach, I’m usually still hunting for a gift or two a couple weeks before Christmas.

I’m this way with many things. I like doing a little bit at a time.  It’s my approach. My way of enjoying the process and not getting overwhelmed with it.

But it doesn’t always work the way I want it to work. I can’t control every aspect of my life and sometimes other people work better doing everything all at once. They don’t like “slow and methodical” like I do.

This can be a challenge. For when their way of doing things overlaps my way of doing things - the frenzied and “all at once” way of doing things usually piles heaps of stress on my heart.

I think we are all created differently for a reason. Life would only go at one pace if we all felt comfortable there. But with different personalities and bents, some of us are prone to live more like a river – steady and sure – while others are the roaring waterfall. Both are beautiful. But it’s learning to work together that is key.

The waterfall can not get where it needs to go if it weren’t for the calm, steady pace of the river. And the river often wouldn’t go anywhere if the waterfall didn’t take them over the edge sometimes.


We need each other. We rely on each other. Yet, we flourish in different ways.

If we could only embrace the differences in each other a little bit more instead of trying to force “OUR” methods on each other – what a more cohesive planet this would be!

No one likes to be forced to do something that they feel they aren’t gifted to do or created to do. That includes the way we go about preparing, working, and making things in our lives. Let’s never sneer and laugh at each other – but try to glimpse the genius that might be at work for someone else to help make them the best person in their life that they can be.

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