Monday, August 19, 2013

We All Have Limits

Sometimes in life, we can bemoan what is unfair. Why me? Questions and complaints arise from our lips.

Why do I have cancer? Why can’t I eat ice cream and she can? How come my son is the one with autism? I wish I could run like she can but my knees won’t hold out, or my heart isn’t strong.  I can’t sing like her. I can’t enjoy the sunshine because I burn so easily. I have allergies that keep me indoors when everyone else enjoys nice long walks. I’m scared of planes so I stay at home.

The thoughts are endless. They are individual. We each have our own “why me’s.” We each have our own limitations and boundaries. Things we can’t do. Somehow, the luck of the draw on that THING landed on us.

But that’s all we see. US.

We look at what everyone can do in comparison to our “can’t” and we fail to see what their own limitations and boundaries are.

We fail to see that we all have limits.

No one gets through life without some sort of scar or wound. No one is able to live with so much freedom that they don’t have their own hurdles to jump; their own hills to climb.

Yes. You may be the only one you know of in your circle that is a stepmom. You may be the only one around you who has a child with a rare illness, or deals with an angry spouse. But just because you are the only one in your circle doesn’t mean you are the only ONE.

You aren’t.

And you aren’t the only one who hurts at times. Fears at times. Doubts at times.  The wound may be different for all of us, but the emotions sometimes can feel the same.

We all have limits. 

If we know, we can grow. Together.

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