Friday, May 16, 2014

Expecting Too Much Out of a Moment

Sometimes our expectations are too high.  It’s easy to do. We want our child to win that solo audition, or we give our husband something that we feel is extremely special – only to find him casually smile and say “thank you” instead of exclaiming and jumping to his feet to hug us for our efforts.

There are so many special moments and occasions in a woman’s heart.  We tend to put high expectations on what the outcomes should be at those times.  But that kind of expectation can put the other individual in a “box” – whether it’s our child, spouse, or even a friend.

You see, just because someone doesn’t act or respond how we feel that they should, doesn’t mean that that moment or occasion didn’t mean something to them.  We all express and feel things differently.  Some people feel more comfortable embracing something privately and quietly, while others can be very verbal and emotional.

We just need to remember and remind ourselves that the power of a moment can be felt in all sorts of degrees and variations.  So try not to feel hurt if someone felt something differently than you’d imagined they would.  Let the moment “be” what it’s intended to be and it will have the potential of being just as special as you’d hoped it would be.

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