Monday, May 12, 2014

People Are Looking For Something Positive

Negativity. It permeates the very air that we breathe. Our world, maybe in an attempt to buffer itself from hurts and wounds, has gotten a colder heart.

You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it and experienced it.

You get that job promotion and instead of a “congratulations,” someone has to say something trite about how hard they’ve worked and they wish THEY’D get a promotion.

Sucks the air out of your fun, sometimes.

Whatever excitement we are feeling, whatever milestone we have reached, someone, somewhere isn’t going to be feeling it like we are. They are going to HAVE to comment on our new haircut that they don’t quite like, the money they feel we overspent on something, the gift they think we DON’T deserve…. And on it goes.

Where is the encouragement? Where is the love? Where is the positive?

I think people are longing for affirming words in their lives. They are hungering for hope. They want to know they are understood and heard.  They want to feel valued and loved for who they are and what is important to them in life.

As they should.  As WE should.

Saying something positive isn’t hard.  “Cute shirt!” Two words. Instead of saying, “Wish you would have bought ME something!” Negative words that totally change the atmosphere of a relationship and bring the “awkward” with it.

“I’m happy for you.” Can we be? Can we truly be happy for someone else? We can be! Even if we still have dreams and wishes for ourselves, we can be happy for someone else, because that’s what love does.

If we could but change our words into positives instead of negatives, I think we would feel better about ourselves and the recipient of those words would feel better, as well. 

What we long for, we should give to others. I know I sure long for positive encouragement in my life, so I try to give it to those I come across.

How about you?

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