Thursday, May 8, 2014

When You Think of Me, Pray For Me

We all go through hard seasons in life. Those days that are especially challenging and draining. Whether it’s a spiritual or physical battle… these seasons wear us down. It is in those times that we often really rely on the support and prayers of others to get us through.

But, there are other times in life. Times in life, when maybe nothing is really wrong, per say, but we just have a lot on our minds. You could say that we have a lot to pray about. Maybe it’s a family member or a loved one going through something, maybe we are waiting for God to answer a prayer request and although we are safe, unharmed, and life may be going fairly well…this request still ways on our hearts. Sometimes, our plates just get really full and we could use an emotional break. We feel the tidal wave sweeping over us and we know something needs to give before we either get sick, or blow a fuse.

But, we are still physically well. Our marital relationship is fine and we are not currently having any huge arguments or heated debates with our kids.

Life on the outside is fine. But on the inside, we could really use some encouragement and prayer.

No one else may know that we are feeling weighed down on the inside with all our thoughts and prayer requests. No one else may understand why we are beginning to feel emotionally taxed with all that we are having to deal with. But it’s still there. It’s still happening, and we could still use a lift.

It’s in these times that we can pray for one another. We may not know what is going on in their hearts and minds, but if they come to OUR mind… we can pray for them. It may not be a life-threatening situation they are in. There may be no real “crisis”…. But they still may be going through something that is important to them.

So often, someone else comes to my mind. I wonder why. I may not have thought of this person for a long time. I may not have seen them for a long time. Yet, in my thoughts, they are there. And I know God often does that to help us keep one another strong. He does it, to encourage us to take just a moment to say a prayer for each other.  But how often, do we wave those thoughts away and continue on with our days?  How often do we “intend” to write or call to check in with someone else when we feel God may have placed them on our hearts? And more than that, how often when we DO pray for someone else, do we let them know?

I know that I have been so touched and encouraged when someone has let me know they said a prayer for me. I have felt cared for and I have felt protected by God. We can let God use us in the same powerful way in someone else’s life.

We can love on each other, protect each other, encourage one another, and even spur on God’s movement in someone else’s life… by our prayers.

Let’s not pass that up.

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