Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pay Attention To Me

Sometimes my sweet cat bugs me for attention. If I’m in bed, looking at my phone or my computer, she will walk over my chest between me and the electronic device.

If I’m doing my Bible study on the floor or folding laundry, she will plant herself right on the book or the towels – so that I cannot ignore her.

And as I type this on my desktop, she is stretching up off the floor and placing her paw on my elbow and leg.

“Pay attention to me!”

Sometimes I wonder how much attention she needs. I feel like I pet her, love on her, feed her, and tend to her basic needs. But she acts as if she doesn’t get enough. She needs more. And then I think about how much I pay attention to other things in my life, compared to her. Obviously, my children get more attention. My husband gets more attention. The show I’m watching, the food I’m cooking – they all take my attention away from her.

And I think about my Lord and how many things take my attention away from Him. How, just like my sweet cat; God tries to come between me, and the busyness of my life.  Maybe He comes in the form of a storm to hinder my plans; or He cancels a lunch date with a friend. Sometimes, God may take something away from me all together. A car. A computer that dies. A phone that cracks. Sometimes, God may allow me to get sick so that I cannot “do” and “be” and “go” all the time.

He says, “Pay attention to me.”

Pay attention TO ME.

I may think, “But, God, I had devotions this morning. Or I prayed to you at lunch. I went to Bible Study or church last week.” But in comparison to the rest of my life? He’s not getting as much attention or devotion.

I want God to be my priority. I want to think of Him in all I do. Speak to Him, everywhere I go. Love Him with all I am.  I want it to be a fluid relationship. An easy one. Never forced or done out of obligation.

So He can feel my love. KNOW my love. So He doesn’t have to tap me on the shoulder, or disrupt what I’m doing to get my attention.

Pay attention. Learn. Know. Seek. Love. And be loved in return.

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