Thursday, June 12, 2014


Why does it seem like so often children will fight on the way to church Sunday morning? 

Why is it, that when you are headed to a special occasion, you and your spouse end up in a quarrel?

Why does the rain and wind come when you are trying to look really nice for an interview?

When you have someone on your mind and you are wanting to pray for them all day, why does the phone seem to never stop ringing?


Life is full of them. Satan is GOOD at them.

I was reminded of this one Easter when certain things seemed to distract my family from the reason we were going to church service in the first place. These very distractions reinforced what WE were feeling; instead of us remembering who we should be focusing on.

How easy it is to distract us! All Satan has to do is put the focus on ourselves. Our problems. Our issues. Our complaints. Our little world. We look inward instead of outward.

So little effort it takes for him to ‘de-emphasize’ whatever it is that is truly important in its place.

He must laugh at us.

I wonder if he thinks I’m “easy pickings?” I sure don’t want to be! I want to be someone Satan avoids. I want him to realize that I’m on to him.  I don’t want to be so easily spun, twirled, and pitched aside.

In order for me not to be ‘easy,’ I have to be armed. Armed in prayer and armed in God’s Word. I need to have my priorities in focus. And usually that starts with it not being about me. I can certainly take care of myself, make sure my health and well-being are tended to, without being selfish and prideful.

It’s possible.

And in fact, the more rested I am, the better I am taking care of myself, the more focused I am to clearly see when life is out of balance and when Satan is hard at work to get at me. Whether it’s through my marriage, my children, my work, finances, or health – he WILL try to push my buttons.

Because he knows he can’t win me so he wants to hinder my growth in the Lord. He wants to discourage me. Frighten me. DISTRACT me from my true purpose and my true love.

Do you see him at work in your life? Do you see how sneaky and quiet he creeps in?

We need to be aware. Be plugged in to God. And be intentional.  Lest more of our priorities be stolen away by something as simple. As. A. Distraction.

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