Friday, June 20, 2014


Life is a web full of “if’s.” We think back over our choices, decisions, and mistakes and wonder how life would be different if we’d chosen something differently or gone a different path in life.

We think, “if only.”

Sometimes those “if”s” are gracious and merciful. They are gifts and blessings that spared us from a deeper pain. They are “if”s” that can’t be explained – if only for a moment in time and a split-decision choice that we made. And our course was forever altered.


We can agonize over decisions wondering over the “if’s.” IF I make the wrong choice, then I’ll regret it and everything will be a mess. IF I go this way instead of that, it might cost me more, or be more painful. IF I go the wrong way, I could miss out on so much more.


We can’t go back and dwell on those “if’s.” I believe life is supposed to happen the way it happens. We are meant to live and make certain choices because it’s who we were created to be.

If’s only make us unhappy. They turn our head backwards instead of forward.

We have today. We can make the best decision we know how and leave the rest up to fate. Navigating life is part of the process; the learning curve of growth and maturity.

It’s something we can’t force or change. It just happens. As it’s meant to.

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