Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Life of Gummy Bears

Last Winter, my husband was taking a class.  Each day, he would rise before the sun, and go downtown to study. He would normally be there all day as would some of the other students.  The company putting on this class always had a few containers of snacks on hand for them. One jar of snacks, was gummy bears.

You have to know, my husband is very creative and is all about “fun.” Well, one day, he made a little scene with the gummy bears and sent us a snapchat of it. That was all it took. We asked him to do another one and before we knew it, it became a daily event – to wait and see what scene my husband orchestrated with his gummy bears. I have to be honest, since his class is over and he no longer does the “gummy bear saga” - I miss it!

I wish I would have started saving the photos from the beginning – but I did save most of them. And here they are today, to share with you. They are so cute.

Enjoy…the life of gummy bears.

Now aren't those just cute???

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