Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Inspiration Can Never Be Rushed

Sometimes the inspiration just won’t come. I look for it, I seek it out, and I just can’t seem to touch it.

I hate those times.

I don’t understand why I can’t seem to catch just a glimmer of inspiration in those seasons. For I know it’s all around me. Inspiration is in the beauty on my children’s faces and the smell of my husband’s cologne. It’s in the vastness of the sky, and the wind that blows the trees. Inspiration is in the smell of a delicious meal, and the grip of a tiny newborn’s hand.

It’s all around us. It’s IN us. It’s before, and behind us. God uses us to inspire one another and He uses His creation.

So why does it elude us at times? Why do we fail to feel what we know is all around us?

Is it because we have saturated ourselves with so much noise, busyness, and frenzy that we can’t sit still, be still, and just KNOW that He is God? That He is good?

Is it because we need to feel adrenaline race in our veins and have forgotten how to feel the small whispers and tender caresses of love, faithfulness, honesty, and integrity?

Perhaps we look for inspiration simply to get a job done. A task achieved. A check marked off of our list. Instead of getting inspiration in our heart and lives to be INSPIRED. To feel JOY. To feel alive, beautiful, loveable, and loved?

To be inspired is to see what is often unseen by the world. To feel what doesn’t need to be expressed. To understand without using words. To create with the heart.

It IS there. It is everywhere. We just need to slow, pause, feel, and let it overcome us. Let it teach us. Show us. And lead us.

For inspiration can never be rushed.

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