Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Help Someone Instead of Watching

We are so wrapped up in our own lives anymore. Sometimes, I think it is too easy when our noses are in our phones or we are concentrating on our own things; to overlook someone who might need some generosity.

We go about our days and run across people constantly. At the store, the library, schools, church, the office, coffee shop, daycare – you name it. People are all around us. A lot of them are hurting people, people who feel unloved, elderly people, disabled people, or people who just come across an obstacle that you may be able to help them out on.

Have you ever been grocery shopping and notice an elderly person loading groceries into their car? It’s not as easy for them as for us younger people. Have you offered to help them? Or even open a door for them?

Has anyone ever spilled something in front of you and gotten a hand in cleaning up the mess?

Do you ever see someone who is crying?

Have you noticed the homeless man on the corner?

Do you observe teens roughing up or picking on another individual?

The options and the list could go on and on. Some of the things we run across in our day are simple things we could help with. Some – bigger things take much more courage and involvement on our part. Yet, still, there is a fellow human being who is in need. And we can be that person to offer hope, encouragement, love, and help. 

Sometimes – someone just needs to know they aren’t invisible.

I’ve heard news stories of people dying in waiting rooms. People beat up on the streets while others walk by and ignore them. People attacked, kidnapped, or robbed in front of others and in broad daylight. These things should not happen. They WOULD not happen if others would stand up for someone else. I know it can be scary – but what if that was you? Wouldn’t you want help? What if it was your grandparent, your child? Oh how easy it is to gain a different perspective when we turn the tables!

We have the opportunity to be light in someone else’s day. We can put a smile on their face, ease the pain in their back, and even turn around their world sometimes, simply by being kind, generous, and helpful.

I challenge you to look for people today who run across your path that may need a helping hand. Do the small thing, like opening a door for them. Do the big thing, like calling for help.

The more we stand together, and the more generous we are, the better off we will all be. It will feel good to give, and it will be a blessing to receive.

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