Thursday, January 8, 2015

Be Inspired

Certain things in life inspire me. I get inspired when I see an older man over the age of 60 cross the finish line at a marathon.

I’m inspired when I see a stranger help another woman and her mom using a cane, navigate an especially slanted and rocky hillside.

I am inspired when I hold a brand new baby and smell that “newness” still all over them.

I feel inspired when a neighbor leaves a Christmas plate of goodies or a small gift on my doorstep.

I’m inspired when I watch a news story about a young child trying to make a difference in their community and they are giving out little bags of bathroom items to those less fortunate.

There IS goodness out there. I see it. I feel it.

So often we get bogged down in the naughtiness of life. We get discouraged, frustrated, and weary. We can feel like the world is so cold and that no one reaches their dream anymore. But they do.

People push themselves all of the time to be better. They give out of what little they have. They love with abandon – even with no return. They enjoy living and they enjoy living with the others that God has put in their circles around them.

It’s all inspiring.

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any? Do you need some? I think everyone needs inspiration once in awhile. We all need to be reminded of what is truly important in life. We need something to smile about. Something to cheer for. Something to rejoice in.

It’s out there. It’s all around us - that inspiration. Look for it. And be inspired.

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