Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Doing The Hard Thing

Hard things.  What makes them bearable? Doable? Where do you find the inner strength that you need to endure them?

I decided recently that I can put up with almost anything, endure tough things, stretch my comfort zone, and deal with hurts & disappointments…. If they are for the Lord.  I mean – if my attitude ultimately impacts someone for the Lord, then it’s worth it.  If I sacrifice something for the Lord, it’s worth it.  If I’m hurting but I know that ultimately that hurt will be worth it because I’m giving it over to the Lord and He will use that situation or hurt for His greater good – then it’s so worth it.  But things just don’t seem very bearable or doable without being able to lean on the Lord or knowing that He will use them.

I think that is where hope is so valuable. In my life, I have hope because I know I can turn to God and He can bring good from what I am going through or use it in a mighty way. If I couldn’t turn to Him, things would just feel so very lonely, hopeless and empty.

Hard things come into our lives all of the time. It’s hard to forgive someone who has hurt us deeply. It’s hard to sacrifice our desires, dreams, and wishes – especially if other people benefit who may not deserve them.  It’s hard to feel like we are forgotten or “shafted” – not noticed.  It’s hard to do the right thing when the wrong thing feels so good at the moment! It’s hard to swallow our pride, let go of our bitterness, or squelch our anger. It’s hard.

Doing something hard is worth it though. It’s worth it if you do it for the right reasons. Do it for the Lord and not yourself.  If you do it for yourself that only keeps the focus on yourself and you don’t really benefit in the long run. But if you do it for the Lord, then you have a greater cause and something that motivates you to be better, stronger, wiser.

Yes, doing something hard is worth it if it’s for the Lord.  I know that I can do anything if it’s for my God.  You can too. Find the inner strength you seek by giving those hard things over to Him today.

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Anonymous said...

good read, thanks and God bless