Tuesday, January 6, 2015

For The Moments When You Doubt Yourself

I can be a pretty passionate person about right and wrong and my instincts are usually very good.  I trust my ‘gut.’

But there are those times when I listen to others, or something changes in the situation or person a bit, and I think, “What if I’m wrong?”

I doubt myself.

Those are the times when I become my own worst enemy. Instead of fighting the spiritual battle or the true enemy in the picture, I end up fighting within my own heart. And I think that’s exactly why satan whispers words of doubt into my ears. If he can get me to question myself, then I’m less of a threat to him and his tactics. I’m a weaker warrior, if you will.

Sure, I’m not always right. I make mistakes. I judge too quickly or too harshly. I let emotions rule my tongue instead of wisdom. But when I’m truly engaged in a life struggle, challenge, or obstacle, there is something different about my heart and soul. There is an inner turmoil that goes on; telling me that something is ‘off’ or ‘not right.’ It’s something I need to trust.

I believe that God is in my heart. I believe that I’m following and obeying Him as much as I can in my daily walk. So when these moments and times come, I can trust that that inner feeling is Him guiding me.  That turmoil I’m feeling is a prick in my spirit that disrupts the peace that comes with God’s blessing on the circumstances or situation.

I need to remind myself of this when I start questioning my own judgment. When I start to doubt whether or not I know what I’m feeling, or what is right – I need to be reminded that God is inside of me guarding and guiding.

I know that I can’t assume that every thought or opinion I have will be the correct one. But if I go on my knees in prayer and seek God’s will in my life – then I can truly trust the words that He sends across my heart. And you can too.

Don’t doubt yourself if something inside of you is nagging on you and an inner voice keeps prompting you about a person, decision, or situation. Listen to it. Listen to HIM. Keep asking Him for clarity and wisdom and He’ll help you break through that fog to find a clear direction and voice because He’s right there with you. He’s right there with me. Walking alongside of us, speaking to us right where we are.

We can trust in that.

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