Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Parenting Is a Process

I’d like to think I’m a “cool” mom. But the great thing about parenting is how it humbles you. Just when I think I’m doing things right and am on the smooth track, one of my children will tell me that something I do really irritates them and that they hate it.


I hate it when that happens. Coolness factor goes out the door quickly!

Sometimes of course, I don’t agree with my children or see why something I say or do would bug them. Sometimes I can see the error in my ways and I apologize and try not to do or say the offending thing again. But either way, I try to work with my kids on the issue. I may try to explain my position or I may ask God to show me how to be more open in changing my approach. I don’t want them to think that life is all about them, yet at the same time I truly want to weigh what they have said to see if there is some merit in it.

To me, parenting is a process. Just like life is a process. I’m always learning, I’m always growing and I’m always changing.

I remember telling someone years ago that I hadn’t changed. That I was the same person inside that they knew year’s prior. But I was wrong. I’m always changing. I’m constantly learning things that God is teaching me and I’m tweaking who I am to be a more Godly wife, mother, and woman. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sometimes the process is painful, embarrassing – or as in the case I mentioned above with my kids: humbling.

I’m not perfect. Not even close. But I do try to have honest, pure motives in what I do and how I treat those in my life. Yeah – I’d like to think my kids think I’m “cool,” but I know in reality this will not always be the case, as much as I hate to acknowledge that fact. Life is not about “coolness” … it’s about relationship. And the one I have with my kids is more valuable than any “cool” factor ever could be. If I’m doing something for their good, regardless of whether or not they like it, I’m going to stick to my guns.  Because I love them.  Hopefully, I can still be somewhat “cool” in the process. But if not, at least I will know that I did right by them and right by God. And that’s all anyone can ask.

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